Sunday, January 11, 2009


费思的老师让家长帮助每个小朋友做个恐龙的雕塑,让小孩子发挥想象自己用蔬菜,Legos, 橡皮泥什么东西做都可以。费思用Lego做了恐龙,用家里周围的竹子和树叶等做了周围的环境,还用洋葱挖出了一个恐龙洞。完了之后,她还写了个故事,我觉得很有意思,给录了下来。 大家猜猜最后的恐龙声是怎么来的?

Crunch! Crack! Snap! My dinosaur’s name is Te-Rex. “Te-Rex! What are you doing to my tree?”
“ Okay! Okay! So you are making a fire for toasting your bamboos for breakfast. Right?”
“ Ssss!”
“ Oh Well, you already made a fire. Good luck on your toasted bamboos while I am making my fire for a toast. “
“ Oh. So you will let me use your fire? “
Te-rex has a long neck for eating leaves on trees. Some dinosaurs are meat-eating dinosaurs. They eat other dinosaurs, their babies or even us. Beware! I’m glad that Te-rex doesn’t eat us. Here comes a scary one….
(Sound of a scary dinosaur approaching)
The end.

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